“Changing Lives With Just One Look.” was the motto and the idea of photography for Jermaine. Based out of Columbia, South Carolina and Fayetteville, North Carolina, his work was dedicated not only to making a difference within lives, but changing a community through the scope of a camera. One may say that accidents are needed to make a difference, and so was the case that inspired the concept and birth of the beginning of a vision in photography. 

His work has been featured on local billboards, Cd & book covers to name a few. He continues to capture life principle through JL3 Brand, a Brand for HIS PURPOSE!

Elder Stearns received his call to ministry in 2005 and was licensed in 2007 at Morris Creek Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. William Abell. Elder Stearns served there as a Youth Minister and the Minister of Music. In July 2009, Elder Stearns founded C.O.L.O.R C.O.D.E Youth Ministry at Hope Christian Church, Fayetteville NC, under the leadership of Dr. Wayman J. Kirkman Sr.

Pastor Stearns and Lady Roni Stearns have since leaped out on faith and founded Victorious Christian Deliverance Center, affectionately known as V.C.D.C Ministries, currently located in Hope Mills North Carolina. Pastor Stearns mission is to “Build God’s People To Build The Kingdom of God”, and he has a passion to train the people of God in excellence.


Jermaine has been inspired to be the best Author that he can be by life experience and having a creative mind.  Just venturing into the world of writing he has two amazing books coming. A Cookbook, entitled, Food For Thought  available now and Note To Self coming in late fall of 2019.

His encounter with world renowned author, Dori

Sanders he was encouraged him to tell his story, and his story is big and yet breath taking. 


He is the proud son of Mr. Benjamin Stearns and the late Lonnell Stearns. He was raised in Columbia South Carolina and is the youngest child of three boys. Attending Fayetteville State University in 2001, where he majored in Music and minored in Biology.

He earned a Bachelor Degree of Ministry from Andersonville Theology Seminary in 2016. Thriving to be the best he can, Jermaine is looking forward to furthering and adding to  his education resume in the future.








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