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Jermaine L. Stearns, is geared to serving Christ by way of pastoring and serving in his community.  He is a powerful leader who walks in the prophetic, an apostolic overseer, and a leader’s leader. He has been in ministry for 16 years and has served as the senior pastor of  VICTORIOUS CHRISTIAN DELIVERANCE CENTER, known as VCDC  for 5 years. He currently serves as the Pastor of two merging churches, VCDC and Hope Christian Church. 


 Along in ministry, He is employed at Fayetteville State University and he is also an entrepreneur with several ventures. These ventures include JL3 Brand Photography Brand which also includes writing books and his own

T-shirt line. He is an ordained Elder and holds a degree from Fayetteville State University and a degree in ministry from Andersonville Theological Seminary and he  is affiliated with CAP under the direction of Bishop Dale C. Bronner. 

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To date, he is the Author of Food For Thought, Note To Self and Charlie The Awesome Squirrel. He has traveled up and down the east coast ministering the gospel to God's people. The primary earmark of his

ministry is empowering and equipping and imparting the Word of God through the 5-fold ministry gifts of the spirit. Being committed to the call of ministry, he also has a greater ministry of being committed to his family. He is the husband of Roni D. Stearns, and his co laborer in life and ministry, and he is

the natural father of three.



Pastor J 

to your ministry.


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